zaterdag 24 juni 2017

3 (Re-)Releases!

Today I have 3 kits that were all previously released. All have to do with summer activities: from camping to water to a mental vacation. Enjoy your summer!

Camping Adventure:

The first kit I have in store today is Camping Adventure. Great to scrap all your outdoor summer activities from hiking to camping to cooking above a campfire and all in between!


The second kit I added to my shop is H2O. It's all about water: from playing with water to swimming, from rain to washing the car and from jumping puddles to watering the garden.

Mental Vacation:

And the final kit I have this week is all about the tropics. Maybe you are Lucky enough to take a trip to the tropics, but if not, you can Always take a Mental Vacation. Because not only the body needs to have a break every now and then, the brain needs time to relax and unwind as well.

dinsdag 20 juni 2017

$2 Tuesday: Father's Day

It's Tuesday and that means... $2 deals! Since it was Father's Day last weekend here in Holland, I added the Father's Day kit to this category. So if you took some photos with the special men in your life, now is your chance to scrap them at a very low price. Remember, this $2 deal only available... TODAY!

zaterdag 17 juni 2017

Gelato Hut

Nothing screams more 'summer' than icecream. So follow me to the Gelato Hut and get your own favorite. Is it some soft serve, a popsicle or some scoops on a cone? Or are you like me and do you prefer some scoops in a bowl? Whatever it is, you can scrap them with this sweet and summer kit I have now avalaible.

And if you want to add some words to your page, you can use this Wordstrips add-on. In case the words you want to use aren't added, you can use any of the blank stips that are available in the add-on as well.

dinsdag 13 juni 2017

$2 Tuesday: Have Courage & Oh, Happy Day!

It's Tuesday and that means...... $2 deals are here! This week I have 2 summer-ish kits for you available: Have Courage & Oh, Happy Day!. But remember: this deal lasts for 1 day only!

zaterdag 10 juni 2017

Summer is (almost) here:
Beach Life & Dock Of The Bay

Summer is almost here on the Northern Hemisphere. Time to (re)release 2 summer/shore kits: Beach Life and Dock Of The Bay.
Beach Life:

Perfect to scrap those beach memories, from jumping waves to building sandcastles and from toes in the sand to head in the sun. Due to the soft sand colors and blues this kit is perfect for both kids and adults!

Dock Of The Bay:

If you have ever been to a harbour, you know it is fun to watch the ships roll in and out. There's always some hustle and bustle going on. And if you haven't been to any harbour before, you should put it on your bucket list. With this kit, you can scrap your days at the harbour or your own sailing trips. Ship Ahoy!

vrijdag 9 juni 2017

New (exclusive) newsletter freebies

Are you signed up for my newsletter? If not, you should do so, because I have two exclusive freebies for my newsletter readers. Since I don't have any blogtrains this month, I decided to make some add-ons to 2 of my kits. The newsletters are sent out on Saturday mornings, around 5am EST. You can sign up here to stay in the loop for new releases, freebies (replaced every month) and more.

This first alpha is made with a kit that was released at the beginning of the month. It goes with the kit Father's Day, which is all about those special men in our lives.

The second freebie is made with a kit that will release in the middle of the month: Gelato Hut. This kit is all about those frozen summer treats we all love: icecream!

zaterdag 3 juni 2017

Fathers & Fish: 2 re-releases!

Father's Day

Today I am re-releasing two kits at my Plain Digital Wrapper shop. The first kit is to celebrate all the men in your life, because in June we celebrate Father's Day here in Holland. Father's Day (and it's add-ons) is perfect to scrap those masculine pages.

Swim Like a Fish

The second kit (and add-ons) that went into my PDW shop is Swim Like a Fish. Perfect to scrap those dads that went fishing, your days at the waterfront (beach, pond, river), pool parties and visits to the aquarium.

dinsdag 30 mei 2017

$2 Tuesday: With Love

Today my cousin gets married, so to celebrate I put all my With Love Packs in the $2 Tuesday category. If you have something lovely to scrap, now is you chance to get the kit and all the add-ons for only $2 each.
But be quick, this deal only lasts for 1 day!

zaterdag 27 mei 2017

Tales Of Magic

Finally, the Tales of Magic is ready. I planned on releasing this for (i)NSD at the beginning of this month, but somehow the weeks slipped through my fingers and I didn't seem to be able to find the time to create it. Anyway, it is ready and turned out HUGE! It contains all sorts of magical elements, like sparkles, glitter and gold, fairytale elements like castles, carriages, glass slippers, a dressed mouse, a rainbow, a proclamation sign, a ring and so much more. There are basics as well, like frames, ribbons, wordart, paint, sparkles, borders, stitches, tape and flowers. This kit is perfect to scrap your days at a themepark, your princesses and princes, your book escapes and all those magical moments in daily life.
Besides the huge kit there are also 6 add-ons: solid papers, vintage papers, glittersheets, 5 extra alphas, flowers & foliage and wordstrips. And I decided to turn the Princess Grab Bag back on as well. Those Princess minikits are add-ons too and were still available. Check it all out in my store.

dinsdag 23 mei 2017

$2 Tuesday: Future Is Now

Today is another $2 Tuesday! And the deal for today is: Future Is Now. Not only the kit is available for only $2 today only, also the wordart add-on is on sale. But be quick, this deal is only for TODAY! So not in the future, just NOW!

dinsdag 16 mei 2017

$2 Tuesday: Mother's Day

Last Sunday it was Mother's Day here in Holland. So to celebrate all the special women in your life, I put Mother's Day in the $2 Tuesday category for today!

zaterdag 13 mei 2017

Re-release: At The Frontier

Today I bring you some bootstamping, squaredancing, gunshooting and horse riding fun. Let's go west, let's go on a gold rush. It all takes place At The Frontier. This kit has been released before and is perfect to scrap those cowboy memories, whether is was in the desert, at Main Steet, while beer drinking in the saloon, music playing at the firepit or having fun at a cowboy themed fun park, this kit as something for all cowboys and cowgirls out there.
This kit was made with the colors and theme of a previous Magical Mousetery Tour. I decided to bundle the add-ons and freebies into one big add-on: Streetlife. Before purchasing, you might want to check your stash, since all items had been released before. This add-on contains wooden papers, Main Street buildings, wordstrips and 2 alphas.

dinsdag 9 mei 2017

$2 Tuesday: Express Yourself

Do you need to recover from (i)NSD or do you still have a feeling for shopping? If so, it's $2 Tuesday and I decided to add my artsy kit Express Yourself to that category for this week. Just to remember the fun we had this last weekend.

maandag 8 mei 2017

Last day for (i)NSD weekend savings

Today is the last day to save in my Plain Digital Wrapper shop. (i)NSD weekend is almost over and so is the sale. Also the grabbags will be gone after this weekend. So if you had your eye on something, now is the last chance to get it this low!

zondag 7 mei 2017

Sunday Specials

It's the first Sunday of the month and that means something special at Plain Digital Wrapper. There is a special category in the shop where all products added are available for only $1, for one day! And since it's my first time joining in this, plus it is still (i)NSD weekend, I decided to go wild and add all the With Love packs (so kit and add-ons) in there. But not only did I add that kit, I also added Of Bees And Bears plus all the add-ons too! So if you had your eye on these kits and want to save BIG, now is your chance! Have a great Sunday!

zaterdag 6 mei 2017

Special (i)NSD Grabbags

Today is (inter)National Scrapbooking Day and that means: fun, sales and specials. And shopping of course! To help you survive this weekend, my complete shop is on sale through Monday, May 8th.
And I have some specials for you as well: Grabbags to make you save even more!

The first one goes with the Magical Mousetery Tour colors: Tales of Magic Grabbag. This grabbag contains all 4 Princess minikits and is available for only $4!

The second deal is a kind of 'Build-Your-Own' Grabbag. If you purchase this deal, you pay only $5 and get to choose 4 kits out of the 11 selected. It makes you save up to 74%!

And the last grabbag features all 4 kits, plus the wordart add-on, of the Path Of Life series. You get these 4 kits: New Beginnings, Growing Pains, Love Encounters, Love Encounters Wordart and Fading Memories for only $5!
Just a last note: these grabbags are only available for (i)NSD and will be turned off on Tuesday! So if you want them, you have to be quick!

Lot's of re-releases!

Do these kits look familiar? Quite possible, because they have all been released before! They all got a new name though, so you might need to double check your stash. I decided my shop needs a lot to choose from this (i)NSD, so here you go. And maybe you missed one or more before, so now is your chance to pick them up while they are on sale as well! Have fun checking it all out.